Projects in Process

The following table outlines discretionary projects currently in process with the Community Development Department. Discretionary projects are those that require review by either the Planning Commission and/or the City Council. Please note that dates below are tentative and are subject to change as project details evolve and commission agendas are set.

For information regarding any of the current projects, please call 714-990-7674. You may select a tentative public hearing date below for any available staff reports.

Project Description
Tentative Public Hearing Date
149 W Lambert Boulevard
A request to allow for a new residential care facility in the C-G, General Commercial zone and a Precise development site design
Silverado Residential Card
September 26, 2017

Staff Report
Attachment 1- Technical Background
Attachment 2- Vicinity Map
Attachment 3- Public Hearing Notice
Attachment 4- Draft Resolution
Attachment 5- Project Plans
Attachment 6- Parking Study
Attachment 7- Silverado Residential Care Information
Attachment 8- Project Correspondence

Attachment 9- Additional Correspondence
404, 424, 428, 430, 436 N Berry Street
A request to subdivide five existing parcels into six new parcels. The project is zoned M-2 General Industrial.
Western Realco
July 25, 2017

Staff Report
Attachment 1- Public Hearing Notice
Attachment 2- Draft Resolution
Attachment 3- Project Plans
390 N Brea Boulevard
A request to develop a new pharmacy and drive-through restaurant in the
C-G(PD), General Commercial (Precise Development) zone.
390 N Brea LLC
June 27, 2017

Staff Report
Attachment 1- Vicinity Map
Attachment 2- Public Notice
Attachment 3- Project Plans
Attachment 4- Parking and Drive Through Study
Attachment 5- CUP and PD Resolution
Attachment 6- TPM Resolution
615 N Berry Street Suite I
A request to allow a tactical defense training business in the M-1 Light Industrial Zone.
Bryan McKenrick, American Tactical Defense
April 25, 2017
Brea Place - NWC & NEC of Birch Street & State College Boulevard

A proposal to develop a mixed-use infill development including 747 residential apartments and 16,900 square feet of commercial tenant space and a 150 room hotel.
Bhavesh Parikh, Hines
Item will be continued to June 27, 2017.

Staff Report- June 27, 2017

Attachment 1- Project Plans
Attachment 2- Resolution for Tentative Parcel Map No. 2016-178
Attachment 3- Resolution for Precise Development Review No. 16-04(B)
Attachment 4- Resolution for Precise Development Review No. 16-04(A)
Attachment 5- Parking Memorandum
Attachment 6- Kimley Horn Memorandum
Attachment 7- Correspondence
Attachment 8- Staff Reports, February 28, March 28, April 25, 2017.

May 23rd Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation
The Brea Place applicant, Hines, has informed the City they are continuing to work on the plans to address the direction received from the Planning Commission and the input received from the community. Although they felt they could provide all the information needed to make the May 23 Planning Commission meeting, they need additional time to further refine their plans. When an updated Brea Place plan is submitted we will let you know. Thank you for your interest in the City of Brea. If you have any questions you can contact the Planning Division at (714) 990- 7674.

City Attorney Memo re: Brea Place Environmental Review

Staff Report April 25, 2017

Attachment 1- Environmental Memo March 16, 2017
Attachment 2- RWG Memo April 13, 2017
Attachment 3- Carbon Monoxide Hotspots Memo
Attachment 4- FBI variances affecting crime
Attachment 5- Correspondence
Attachment 6- Findings
Attachment 7- Draft Conditions of Approval
Documents from Hines for Planning Commission- April 20, 2017

Additional Correspondence for Planning Commission

March 28, 2017

Staff Report March 28, 2017

Correspondence Regarding Hines

Staff Presentation March 28, 2017

Applicant Brea Place Presentation

February 28, 2017

Staff Report

Attachment 1 - Vicinity Map
Attachment 2 - Public Notice
Attachment 3 - Brea Place Addendum No. 16-01 and Traffic Study
Attachment 4- General Plan Environmental Impact Report
Attachment 5- 2013 Housing Element Addendum
Attachment 6- Project Plans
Attachment 7- Project Description
Attachment 8- HWA Parking Study
Attachment 9- Gibson Parking Study

2.28.17 PC Meeting PowerPoint

Memo to Planning Commission - CEQA Process Clarifications

480 W Lambert Rd,
Suites A & B
A request to allow a health club in an existing office/warehouse building in M-1, Light Industrial zone.

Brad Gerhardt on behalf of Athletes in Motion

January 24, 2017
500 S. Kraemer Blvd and
2601 E. Saturn St.
Request to subdivide one existing parcel into two separate parcels.
Mary Cornwell Cornwell & Assoc. dba CA Engineering
September 27, 2016

August 23, 2016

180 S. Brea Blvd.
Request to construct a entertainment and restaurant venue.

Manley Fanticola Holdings, LLC

October 26, 2015


City Wide
Amend Section 20.70 of the Brea Zoning Ordinance to prohibit all commercial medical marijuana uses in the City
City of Brea
January 26, 2016
Recommended to City Council to approve
2500 E. Imperial Hwy.
Request to expand Imperial Center East by 5,000 square feet and delete the 40-foot side & rear yard setback requirement to any residential zone, provide enhancements to improve on-site vehicle circulation and queuing, and update a previously adopted shared parking program to accommodate parking needs of the proposed expansion.

Wyatt Strateman
Continued to
March 24, 2015
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

146, 148, 150 Orange Ave.
Request to subdivide for condominium purposes and construct 13 residential townhomes.
Trailview Brea LLC

October 14, 2014
340-420 W. Central Ave.
Central Park Village - Request to develop a mixed use project with residential, commercial, and medical uses

JH Real Estate Partners

Staff Report
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 4
Attachment 5
Attachment 6
Attachment 7

See Initial Study

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DEIR Appendices
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FEIR 11-01
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NEC of Valencia Ave. and Imperial Highway and SWC of Birch St. and Kraemer Blvd.
La Floresta - Request to develop two properties with either mixed-use or residential uses
La Floresta, LLC
Approved by the City Council May 18, 2010
(for associated documents click here and find May 18 meeting)

Continued to September 23, 2008
See Staff Memo to the Planning Commission

Continued to
August 26, 2008
See PC Agenda

See Staff Memo to Planning Commission

August 12, 2008
See Staff Report

To view any attachments not included in above report - hard copies are available for viewing at the Development Services Counter, 3rd Floor

See Final EIR

See Response to EIR Comments

Appendix A for Response to EIR Comments

See Project Overview Booklet

See Initial Study

See Quick Fact Sheet

See Draft Environmental Impact Report

East end of Carbon Canyon, Northwest of Carbon Canyon Road
Canyon Crest - Request to develop a 367.5-acre site with 165 single family homes.

The Shopoff Group
April 22, 2008

Continued to May 13, 2008

Continued to May 27, 2008

The project was approved by the Planning Commission on June 24, 2008 and has been appealed to the City Council.

See Staff Report for June 24, 2008 Planning Commission Meeting

See Final EIR

See Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report

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